July 1, 2019

Zero to Hero 2.0

Zero to Hero 2.0

Its here that I’m going to document my ongoing efforts to go from zero experience to experienced mobile developer.

A little background about myself. I’ve always had a curiosity about making apps or writing software. As a millennial I’ve always felt lost. I didn’t fit with the generation that came before me, we didn’t always have that fancy millennial label to fall back on. Our generation is known for laziness to some. But to us our dreams are just too big, sometimes we can’t see where it starts.

There has been a revolution in the last few years that I’ve been wanting. We (millennial’s) have been gravitating more towards entrepreneurship than ever before. Its no secret that we feel its necessary. Our forefathers could save and buy houses on blue collar salaries. Now thats not realistic, working for most corporations now we barely make enough to get by let alone save and buy houses and lord forbid we actually have some job security.

Photo by Jefferson Santos on Unsplash.